Research is the core of this institution’s activities. The research conducted at this institute is at the post-graduate level with priority given to post-doctoral. Researchers can consist of UPSI’s own academic staff and also other scholars from within or outside the country. In addition, research is also conducted internally by Institute staff.


Language and Literature

Malay Heritage and Culture

Malay Philosophy

Politics, Religion and Belief Systems

  • History of the Development of Malay Language and Literature
  • Language and Literature in various disciplines
  • Malay Language and Literature Movers of Unity
  • Linguistics and Applied Linguistics of the Malay World
  • Manuscripts of the Malay World-Philology
  • Historic Buildings, Archeology and Antiquity
  • Traditional Arts and Music
  • Malay Landscape
  • Malay Customs and Traditions
  • Malay Armament and Martial Arts
  • Ecotourism
  • History of Malay Philosophy
  • Malay Metaphysics
  • Malay epistemology
  • Malay Ethics – Ethos
  • Malay logic
  • Malay Aesthetics
  • Islam and the Malay Worldview
  • Malay Political Leadership
  • Pondok Alam Melayu Education
  • Management and Administration of the Malay World
  • Malay Diaspora

Indigenous Peoples and Ethnicities

Economics, Science and Technology


Malay Royal Institutions

  • Arts and Music
  • Belief System
  • Martial Arts
  • Customs and Traditions
  • Herbs and Gastronomy
  • Malay Environmental Engineering
  • Malay Architecture and Landscape
  • Biodiversity of Flora and Fauna
  • Navigation and Water Technology
  • Malay Banking
  • Migration and Population
  • Economic, Social and Cultural Transformation of the Malay Coast
  • Finance and Economic History
  • Lineage, Genealogy and Lineage
  • A Study of Leadership Lines
  • Malay Family and Families
  • History and Traces of the Line
  • Palace Artifacts and Art
  • The Role, Thinking and Leadership of the Malay Sultanate
  • Challenges and Acceptance of Modern Society
  • Laws and the Constitution