Za’ba Chair Background


Sultan Idris Training College (SITC) was once famous as a center for the development of language, literature and culture in the Malay region since it began operations in 1922 to the time before the Second World War. This role has been successfully played by the SITC as a result of the establishment of the Karang-Mengarang Office in 1924.

Karang-Mengarang Office at the time of the late Pendeta Za’ba as chief translator, was very active in publishing books for school and public use. Among other results published this office is a few grammar books such as Pelita Bahasa Melayu Volumes I, II, III, Ilmu Mengarang Melayu and Daftar Ejaan Jawi. These books are the result of work and the composition of the East and used in Malay schools before independence. Now, these books as a reference by members of the language and the teachers who teach the language.

SITC role as a center for language, literature and culture is continued with the Faculty of Languages ​​at the University Pendidikan Sultan Idris today. The purpose of the faculty is to further the role and responsibilities of the Karang-Mengarang Office in the field of teaching and learning of language, literature and culture.

In addition to giving lectures, lecturers of the faculty also conduct research and studies on language literature and culture. Then, with the establishment of the Za’ba Chair here, will be another driving force and the strong force builders to support the activities of language, literature and culture. The main goals and objectives of this Chair is to generate more knowledge of languages, literature and culture from the academic and intermediaries through study and research that will be conducted by the officials of this chair later.

With this, the establishment of the Chair at Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) is timely at a time when the language, literature and culture is growing rapidly in the country. At this time, the language, literature and culture received special attention from local and foreign scholars who attempt to lift it into the international arena. The existence of this Chair will also contribute to it.