Institute of Malay Civilization UPSI

Institute of Malay Civilization


We, the staff of Institute of Malay Civilization with full determination and commitment, pledge and promise to devote all our energy and effort;

I. To carry out two quality research yearly.

II. To process the application of research project within 14 working days.

III. To organize a seminar or conference once a year alternately.

IV. To inform that the acceptance of manuscript to the writer within 7 working days from the date of manuscript received and the result about the publication will be informed in 2 months after the acceptance of the manuscript and approval by Publication Committee.

V. Manuscript will be published in 6 months after full manuscript is received.

VI. To manage the publication from the research project, selected paperwork from conference/seminar and Malay civilization journal for 10 volumes.

VII. To promote books by Institute of Malay Civilization every month.

VIII. To collaborate or joint venture with Malay world twice a year.

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